Steve Harries


Reading Lines

"Steve Harries' documentation of the spaces of the city reveals one of the most remarkable conditions of our modern urban world - the possibility that lies between, on the one hand, the wondrous presence of architecture and urban space, and on the other, the equally wondrous possibilities for human experience. The city, as seen here, gives us so very much, but it also needs our own interaction in order to be fully fulfilled of that potential.

Yet the documents shown are also remarkably subtle, avoiding the perhaps-too-obvious dynamic, sports-style imagery so common to much skateboarding and street imagery. In Reading Lines we find the architectures and spaces carefully juxtaposed against not action, but the possibility of action, that is Skaters contemplating and reflecting on their movements. An element of suspended temporality is also apparent - are these movements yet to come, or have they already happened ? In other images, certain movements are revealed, but only as traces and lines sketched out as light - ghostly presences of an interaction that is, once again, disclosed but not made explicit.

Ultimately, Reading Lines is far more than a recording of urban space - it acts as both a reminder and an exhortation that the city is a playground for all of us, if only we might choose to treat it as such."

Iain Borden, BA MSc MA PhD FRSA HonFRIBA

Professor of Architecture and Urban Culture, Vice-Dean for Communications at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Limited Edition book Published by Generation Yacht, Design and Art Direction by Richard Bull @ Yacht Associates
From Limited Edition book Published by Generation Yacht
rom Limited Edition book Published by Generation Yacht