Steve Harries



The seventies decade presented us with the 'New Hollywood'. This now-iconic period of film-making produced unique works from maverick directors who fought to pursue a personal path, far from the corporate bias of the Los Angeles studio system. The aim of the 'Location' project was to document this era of America's celluloid history by retracing the steps of the directors and recording the original film locations as they appear today.

Thirty years has done little to subdue the interest in these films, or to alter the appearance of many of these distinguishable locations. Others recognise the passing of time with a small but intriguing resemblance to the original scene. The selected films and film-makers from this period (Coppola, Friedkin, Bogdanovich, Spielberg, Scorsese etc) are all well recognised and have extensively influenced the industry to date. There is no doubt these images generate a level of nostalgia, however, they also document changes undergone throughout the United States since a period of film making which shaped a rebellious generation.

"The spare purity of these wonderful photographic images evoke sharp memories in me of the excitement of seeing these films for the first time. Each was groundbreaking in it's own way. For one, brief shining moment, the uneasy balance between art and commerce tipped toward art."

Michael Phillips, producer of Taxi Driver and Close Encounters

Of The Third Kind.

Badlands, 1973
Badlands, Colarado
The Last Picture Show, 1971
The Last Picture Show, Texas
Duel, 1971
Duel, California
The Godfather, 1972
The Godfather, Nevada
The French Connection, 1971
The French Connection, New York City
The Exorcist, 1973
The Exorcist, Washington D.C
Mean Streets, 1971
Taxi Driver, 1976
Taxi Driver, New York City
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, 1977
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Alabama
Dog Day Afternoon, 1975
og Day Afternoon, New York City
Five Easy Pieces, 1970
Five Easy Pieces, California
Planet Of The Apes, 1968
Planet Of The Apes, Utah
Jaws, 1975
Jaws, New England
Easy Rider, 1969
Easy Rider, Arizona
Bonnie And Clyde, 1967
Bonnie And Clyde, Texas
Star Wars, 1977
Star Wars, California