Steve Harries



Cinema seeks to create a believable reality. This reality manifests itself through the imagination of a group of people who transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. In this case, the ordinary is the film studio, or sound stage, used as a canvas by the production designer.

These vast empty shells are uniform in their simplicity the world over. The diversity of the sets within these stages I find quite remarkable, especially as they are realised in such unremarkable surroundings. They play host to often iconic scenes, and bear witness to cinema history, only to return to their original state without any noticeable reference.

This series of photographs allowed me to exercise my fascination with film design and create simple visual references based on my own interpretation of six classic films shot within the British studio system.

The project was shot on location at Shepperton Studios, The Pinewood Studios Group and 3 Mills Studios, London.

Set Design is by Nicola Yeoman.

Very many thanks to Sir Ken Adam.

Sleepy Hollow
Dr. Strangelove
2001, A Space Odyssey
28 Days Later
Nineteen Eighty Four